The Return of Free Training Calls!

Free Surprise!It’s about damn time, wouldn’t you say? I’m excited to get back to monthly-ish training calls and especially this one about managing stress during the holiday season:

4 Research-Backed Methods for Beating Stress During the Holidays (+ Beyond!)

  • Wanting the benefits of less stress in your life?
  • Wondering why you’re more prone to stress during the holidays (or other times)?
  • Wishing there were some easy, scientifically proven ways for you to de-stress?
  • Tired of barely surviving the year-end work crunch + having nothing left for loved ones?

Look no further!

On this call, I’ll be sharing four surprisingly simple methods that positive psychology researchers have identified (translation: I’m not bullshitting you). We’ll unpack the research findings, discover why we suck at employing these four easy practices and follow a step-by-step guide for overcoming these challenges. And while this will air during the holidays, the techniques absolutely work year-round!


Did I mention it’s free?

See, I’m a holiday junkie. And November is also my birthday month. Which means I’m in a festive and giving mood these days. Hence the free stuff.

And this is only the first freebie of the season. Stay tuned for the others coming soon.

In the meantime, get your bum registered for “4 Research-Backed Methods for Beating Stress During the Holidays (+ Beyond!)” and carve out 60 minutes for YOU on the evening of the 13th.


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