You are DONE being a lawyer. You Are DONE Being a Lawyer

You’re over it. It’s as simple as that.

Or at least it feels that way.

What’s not so simple is figuring out what comes next. Even if you have an idea of what you’d like to do, you’ve got almost no idea how to get started.

Luckily for you, I’ve been through this already!

I know you want:

  • To responsibly quit your job ASAP 
  • The confidence to try something outside the practice of law
  • Support from someone who wants what you want
  • A no-bullshit approach for getting from point A to point B
  • Honest feedback from someone who’s done this before

I also know you’re hung up on: 

  • Losing a predictable paycheck
  • Giving up the status and prestige of being a lawyer
  • Disappointing your parents/partner/friends
  • Worrying about not being good at anything else
  • Feeling like a failure

When I was in your shoes (back in 2012), I found a few books showcasing formerly unhappy attorneys in glamorous new careers, but none of them provided actionable advice specific enough for me. And the websites I came across either had a one-size-fits-all approach for leaving the law or posts by angry lawyers ranting about how they hated their jobs (but did nothing about it).

And so I spent months cobbling together resources about changing careers with a focus on my legal background and my particular goals. To say it was a lonely and exhausting process would be an understatement.

But eventually I figured things out. And now I’m able to help you do the same — minus the loneliness and exhaustion.

Now you’ve got my one-stop-shop to help you through this monumental transition.

 Working with me you’ll get:

  • Clarity as to what you want to do next
  • Scripts for dealing with naysayers + well-meaning parents/partners/friends
  • Hands-on assistance creating a realistic timeline for leaving your lawyer gig
  • A customized action plan for launching + flourishing in your new career
  • Your very own cheerleader (moi!) who keeps you motivated + holds you accountable
  • Strategies + tools for overcoming setbacks, uncertainty and fear
  • The chance to ask me anything about my career transition. No holds barred

Here’s how you’ll get it:

  • Two 60-minute phone or Skype coaching sessions at $400 per month for three months
  • Email + text support between sessions
  • Weekly “homework” challenges to inspire you to take ACTION toward your goals
  • Accountability systems so you stay on track without me nagging you

 It’s Time to Stop Wishing and Start Doing

If you’re ready to take this leap, GRAB A TIME SLOT ON MY CALENDAR and book your initial consult with me. This will be your opportunity to raise any questions you have about coaching with me. We’ll also make sure I’m the best coach for you, and you’re the best client for me.

My number one requirement is that you be willing and able to put in the time and effort. With coaching — as with most things in life — you get out what you put into it.

Carly W.After having my initial phone call with Annie, I immediately signed up for a 3-month coaching period. People were shocked when I told them I hired someone to coach me to leave my job, but even those of us who are highly motivated, driven people can benefit hugely from Annie. Annie provided the insight, perspective and motivation that I needed in order to make this jump. She coached me through leaving my well-respected, well-paid and highly sought after job. And she did that because I had a passion for something else — interior organizing & styling. 

To make a life change takes guts and drive. Annie helped me through every step, including the nitty gritty. During one of our sessions, Annie reviewed my budget and talked about how I could reduce spending in different areas. She pulled from her own personal experience to provide suggestions, something few people are willing to do. She didn’t let me get away with things, and always made sure I stuck to my word. And more than that, she still cares. While our sessions ended over a month ago, she’ll still respond to emails and texts. I went with my gut reaching out to Annie, and my gut couldn’t have been more right. 

Carly W., Founder + Professional Organizer/Designer at Sort-Style, Manhattan Beach, CA