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Successful (and Happy) Lawyers

Definitely possible. On this call, we’ll explore ways to pinpoint your personal definitions of happiness and success. You’ll be surprised by how difficult–yet powerful–it is to truly understand your underlying beliefs about success. And I’ll walk you through exercises designed to get to the heart of what success means to you. While this training call is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is “work-life balance”, it’s the perfect place to start.

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What Are Free Training Calls?

Each call focuses on a specific topic and includes 60 minutes of brilliance from yours truly. You can call in from anywhere — on your commute, in your office, at the library, in your sweatpants at home with a glass of vino.

Can’t make it at the scheduled time? No worries! I record each call and email it to all registrants the next day.

Got a question you want me to answer?  You can email me in advance, and I’ll address it on the call.

To get in on the action, all you have to do is register for each call. You’ll get an email with the call-in details shortly after you register.

Access to Past Calls

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April 2013

Finals + Journals + Jobs (Oh, My!): Time-Management and Self-Care for Stressed-Out Law Students

  • Craving a study schedule that keeps you on track without getting burned out?
  • Wondering how to manage a journal write-on process?
  • Overwhelmed just thinking about apply for jobs or clerkships this summer? 

I’ve got your back.

On this call, I walk you through strategies for maximizing your time, while balancing all those other things (you know, sleeping and eating) that are also important to your success. I also talk about how to keep from beating yourself up when plans don’t work out the way you hoped. And more!

Not a law student? What I discuss is applicable to any big project; the call just happens to be set within the context of law school.

November 2014

4 Research-Backed Methods for Beating Stress During the Holidays (+ Beyond!) 

  • Wanting the benefits of less stress in your life?
  • Wondering why you’re more prone to stress during the holidays (or other times)?
  • Wishing there were some easy, scientifically proven ways for you to de-stress?
  • Tired of just surviving the year-end work crunch and having nothing left for friends and family?

Look no further!

On this call, I’ll be sharing four surprisingly simple methods that positive psychology researchers have identified (translation: I’m not bullshitting you). We’ll unpack the research findings, discover why we suck at employing these four easy practices and follow a step-by-step guide for overcoming such challenges. And while this will air during the holidays, the techniques absolutely work year-round!

December 2014 

Kick Off Your New Year Right, Without Half-Ass Resolutions 

This training is for you if you’re sick of hearing all the end-of-year hype about setting resolutions for the new year. Because the last thing you need is a reason to feel bad about yourself come March when you haven’t made any progress.

You just want to feel good about yourself in the upcoming year. And maybe set some meaningful goals. Maybe.

Fortunately for you, happiness experts (they DO exist!) have found that goal-setting itself leads to increased happiness + that it’s possible to train our minds to maintain a positive outlook.

On this call, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify toxic thought patterns
  • Employ neuroplasticity strategies to increase feelings of success, optimism + fulfillment
  • Set goals that have been scientifically shown to cultivate happiness (hint: it’s all about the intended result)

Even if you’re not a resolution setter, you’ll love these simple exercises in accentuating the good in your life — whether you’re planning for the new year or just seeking out research-backed methods to add to your self-help arsenal.