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So if you’re a lawyer who’s in the market for some career guidance, you’re in the right place. Go ahead, snoop around.

I Am DONE Being a Lawyer

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{Feel free to keep reading if you’re the hard-to-get type.}

You’re part of a unique and amazing breed. Whip-smart. Driven. Responsible.

Yet, you often neglect yourself in favor of your career. You forget that — as incredible as you truly are — ultimately you’re human.

You have needs, wants, hopes, fears, vulnerabilities. But you’ve been trained to minimize or ignore them. And this mindset leaves you feeling burned out, resentful, unmotivated or even hopeless. 

Because being a lawyer is tough. Like really tough. 

I also know it can feel scary to reach out to family, friends and colleagues when things are rough. Especially when they don’t understand what you’re going through or don’t have your best interest in mind.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been where you are.

And unlike everyone else in your life, I want what you want. I’ve got no ulterior motive.

Your parents try to talk you out of what you want. I help you go get it.

Your colleagues tell you to “suck it up” because “it’s called work for a reason”. I call bullshit.

Your lawyer friends won’t shut up about how you HAVE to stay in your job to pay off your student loans. I know you can make money without being miserable.

Your non-lawyer friends won’t listen because they’re blinded by your trappings of success. I know the status symbols just aren’t enough anymore. 

Through coaching, we’ll work together to hone in on what you really want, create a plan for getting it and celebrate your triumphs every actionable step of the way. (I’m serious about that last one. Be prepared to meet my little friend, Bragasaurus Rex.)

You ready to start feeling better?

Of course you are. 

And that’s why coaching isn’t done in an emotional vacuum. We’ll also focus on how you feel throughout the process.

Oh, gawd. The hippie life coach is talking about feelings.


Because I know you want to feel better — more specifically:

  • Excited about your job and career
  • Fulfilled in your personal relationships
  • Successful (by your definition)
  • Appreciated, respected and valued
  • Optimistic and hopeful
  • Energized and healthy

So whatever goals you set, we keep an eye toward how you feel about everything as you work through your plan. 

If you start feeling crappy about anything, we address it. Sometimes all you need is a pep talk. Other times you need a full-on course correct. You’ll probably need a little of both. And that’s totally normal!

I’ll keep you on track (without being a nag).

Because this is your thing. And while I want you to succeed, you have to want it for yourself. 

Remember, coaching isn’t about impressing anyone or living up to someone else’s expectations. It’s about figuring out what you want to do with your life. 

And so we’re clear, it’s impossible for you to disappoint me. I trust you know what’s best for you. So my job is to give you the tools and unconditional support to get it.

Think of me as the Tim Gunn to your Project Runway. The Jack Donaghy to your Liz Lemon. The Yoda to your Skywalker.

You in?

That’s all I got. For foreplay, anyway.

If you’re ready to learn about the main event, select a coaching package below.

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Client Love

Still needing a bit more? See what my clients have to say about working with me.Carly W.After having my initial phone call with Annie, I immediately signed up for a 3-month coaching period. People were shocked when I told them I hired someone to coach me to leave my job, but even those of us who are highly motivated, driven people can benefit hugely from Annie. Annie provided the insight, perspective and motivation that I needed in order to make this jump. She coached me through leaving my well-respected, well-paid and highly sought after job. And she did that because I had a passion for something else — interior organizing & styling.

Carly W., Founder + Professional Organizer/Designer at Sort-Style, Manhattan Beach, CA

Working with Annie for a few months helped me make more progress towards my goals than I had made in years by myself.  Annie was wonderful to work with. She did not “make” me do anything or offer quick fixes. Instead she helped me identify a path forward and then helped me to hold myself accountable. She did so by listening, challenging my false assumptions, and providing me with ideas and new ways of looking at things that I was free to adopt or reject. At the end of our three months, I had achieved every goal that we set together.

Frank P., In-House Counsel, Milwaukee, WI

Annie provided me with excellent coaching on and invaluable insight into the difficult transitional decisions I was faced with, both in my legal career and my relationships. In our short time together, she helped me find confidence within myself and strength within my actions. I could always count on her cheering me on in life, while also inspiring me to make difficult but positive life changes. 

Gina L., Entertainment Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA