Applications for the No Excuses Scholarship Are OPEN!

$1200 of Free Goodness

What Will You Do With Six FREE Coaching Sessions?

Will you work up the nerve to finally start your own business?

Conquer stress (and the related feeling of dread each morning) as you find a workable balance for your busy life?

Stand up to your jerky boss/client/colleague and command the respect of which you are oh-so-worthy?

Or maybe you’ll want to figure out WTF it is that ultimately makes you tick — and not in a time bomb sort of way.

Whatever You Decide, I’ll Support You Every Step of the Way

These are the same sessions that go for $200 a pop. With the same plucky coach who’s hell-bent on helping you succeed. And the same amount of (in)appropriate swearing. 

The one difference between the scholarship sessions and the full price ones?

Zero dollars leaving your bank account.

If you can still find an excuse not to apply for this coaching scholarship, I’d love to hear it.

FYI, not having the ever-loving time isn’t a legitimate excuse. If you can make time for that soul-sucking job you’d rather not have, I know you can carve out a few extra hours over the next three months for yourself. 

Because (here comes a nugget of coaching wisdom) YOU control how you spend your time — it’s simply a matter of priorities. 

So get your bum over to the application page for additional details and get crackin’ on your brilliant answers. 

Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, November 17th.

And I’ll be announcing the winner right here on the blog on November 20th. Wheeeee!

Not gonna lie, there are some pretty stellar ones rolling in already. So bring your A-game! 

Apply Here to Win the No Excuses Scholarship

In the meantime, if you want to kick the ol’ tires on this life coach before leaping into full blown coaching, join me for November’s free training call this Thursday the 13th at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST. I’ll be sharing four research-backed methods for beating stress during the holidays (and beyond!). Details and sign-up access here. “See” you there!


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