Just Imagine

Imagine a life in which you feel both successful and fulfilled. Imagine feeling excitement and not dread when you wake up each morning. Imagine feeling appreciated. Well-rested. Optimistic. In control. Like you don't want to run screaming out of your office. Imagine loving what you’re doing right now.

Why Stop at Imagining?

You can create a life that works for you on all levels. A life that excites you. No shit. That's why I started JD Nation -- to make sure you have the tools, support and guidance to go for it.


Take that public sector job that gets your heart racing. Apply for that dream job. Gun for partner without forgetting what your friends and family look like. Become a solo practitioner even if it scares the crap out of you.


Or maybe being a lawyer just isn’t your jam anymore. You can change careers. Quit law school. Take a hiatus.


Could Be the Most Courageous Thing You Ever Do


You Ready?

No longer hating your job is not a pipe dream. Redefining success is possible. Leaving the ranks of unhappy lawyers is easier than you think.


I know because I’ve done it. And now I'm here to help you do the same.


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