You’re glad you’ve got a job. You Need a New Lawyer Gig (like yesterday)

You know you’re fortunate, especially in today’s marketplace.

And you feel like you don’t really have room to complain.

But shit.

Your job effing sucks. 

You don’t have to hide your true feelings from me.

You can be grateful for your current — albeit crappy — job while wishing you had a better one. In fact, I strongly encourage you to not settle for an unsatisfying job. Even if you’re good at it. Or it pays well. Or someone pulled some strings to get you the interview.

It’s all irrelevant. What matters is you’re unhappy when you don’t have to be.

By prioritizing your job search, you’re prioritizing your happiness.  

And prioritizing your happiness is neither selfish nor a luxury. I’d argue it’s the most courageous and necessary approach you can take.

I know you really want:

  • A job you actually care about and enjoy doing
  • To light a fire under your arse and start your job search already
  • The confidence to apply for your dream job(s)
  • Help updating and polishing your resume and cover letters
  • A no-bullshit plan for getting from job search to job offer
  • Honest support + feedback from someone who’s done this –and helped others to do this — successfully

I also know you’re worried about: 

  • Starting over as a newbie
  • Facing rejection
  • The time commitment
  • Networking
  • Burning bridges with your current boss and colleagues
  • The possibility that your current job is as good as it gets

When I realized I was long over-due for a lateral jump, it was 2009. You know, right after the market crash of 2008. Oh, did I mention I was looking for a commercial real estate finance position? Yeah, the timing was…unfortunate. But come April 2010, I was at a real estate boutique firm making almost 50% more than I made at my previous job.

Was there some luck involved? Of course. I had no control over the type of job openings that were available. But when the right opportunity presented itself, you bet your ass I was prepared.

Because I knew I couldn’t bear to spend even one more minute being miserable when I knew a better job was out there.

You can’t bear to be miserable, either.

Working with me you’ll get:

  • Clear on what your dream job looks like
  • A customized job search action plan
  • Personalized scripts for interviews, networking and quitting your current gig
  • Advice for updating and polishing your resume and cover letters
  • Your very own cheerleader (moi!) who keeps you motivated + holds you accountable
  • Strategies + tools for overcoming rejections, uncertainty and fruitless job searches

Here’s how you’ll get it:

  • Two 60-minute phone or Skype coaching sessions at $400 per month for three months
  • Email + text support between sessions
  • Weekly “homework” challenges to inspire you to take ACTION toward your goals
  • Accountability systems so you stay on track without me nagging you

Ready to Light a Fire Under Your Ass?

If you’re thinking it’s about that time, GRAB A TIME SLOT ON MY CALENDAR to book your initial consult. This will be your opportunity to raise any questions you have about coaching with me. We’ll also make sure I’m the best coach for you, and you’re the best client for me.

My number one requirement is that you be willing and able to put in the time and effort. With coaching — as with most things in life — you get out what you put into it.

Initially I was skeptical of the whole concept of a “coaching”.  At the same time, my attempts to identify and commit to goals that would result in the job change that I wanted were going nowhere.  Two years after I decided I wanted to change jobs, I had failed to make any progress.  My current job, raising my son, my other obligations, and my own preconceptions all kept me from making meaningful progress.

Working with Annie for a few months helped me make more progress towards my goals than I had made in years by myself. Annie was wonderful to work with.  She did not “make” me do anything or offer quick fixes. Instead she helped me identify a path forward and then helped me to hold myself accountable. She did so by listening, challenging my false assumptions, and providing me with ideas and new ways of looking at things that I was free to adopt or reject. At the end of our three months, I had achieved every goal that we set together.

Frank P., In-House Counsel, Milwaukee, WI