What Is Coaching?

I find a helpful way of defining coaching is by framing in terms of what it is NOT:  

Therapy or counseling. Instead of looking into and analyzing the past, coaching is forward-looking. Coaching looks at the possibilities and how to achieve them. Unlike therapy, coaching does not believe that you need to be “fixed” or that there is anything “wrong” with you. You are a creative, resourceful and whole individual. With your coach’s support, you can accomplish what you set out to do. If it becomes apparent that a mental health professional is best suited for your situation, as your coach, I am ethically obligated to help you find appropriate resources.

Consulting. A consultant is hired to give you advice — basically, to identify your shortcomings and provide a solution. Coaching is about YOU discovering your needs and wants and how you want to go after them. As your coach, I support you in this process by clarifying, questioning, brainstorming and providing resources you need to meet your goals.  

Passive. Without you, there is no coaching relationship. You set the agenda for each coaching session, and I keep you on track. You’ll do most of the talking. I’ll ask tough questions. There might be homework. It’s nothing onerous, but coaching is a commitment that only you can make to yourself, and you must put in the work to get the desired result.

What Kind of Time Commitment Is Required?

Coaching sessions occur over the phone or via Skype. Accordingly, you’ll need about 60 uninterrupted, distraction-free minutes per session. The average JD Nation coaching package includes one coaching session two weeks per month for a three-month period. The details of your package will be determined during an initial consult. In addition to your bi-weekly calls, you’ll receive challenges designed to move you toward achieving your goals, systems to keep you on track and e-mail support as-needed between calls. The time you invest between coaching sessions will be set by you and nature of your action plan.

How Are Coaches Trained?

Although there is no requirement that a coach receive specific training, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets forth standards, accredits training programs and mandates ethical guidelines for coaches who wish to become trained and/or certified. I have received ICF accredited training and continue to participate in classes and educational programs that count toward ICF certification.

Who Is Annie Little?

Most of what you need to know — and maybe some random extras — about me can be found HERE.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Contact me to set up a 15-minute consult. I’ll describe what it’s like to coach with me, you can ask questions, and, if you’re feeling it, we’ll put together a coaching package that works for both of us. You can also shoot me a line with any questions, coaching inquiries, requests for interviews and speaking opportunities. I read every email.  For reals.